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Test Ride a Parelli SMARTFLX™ Saddle
Test Ride a Parelli SMARTFLXâ„¢ Saddle

Availability: Subject to Availability. We'll contact you to make arrangements.


Investing in new saddle equipment will be worth it for you and your Horse.
Have us send a saddle directly to your door along with everything you need so you can enjoy trying it out in your world.
Please email saddles@naturalhorsemansaddles.com and put "REQUEST TEST RIDE" in the subject line.
In the body of your email, please let us know the basic saddle style, seat & gullet size you're most interested in. (if you're not sure, no worries...we'll work through it with you). Our team will contact you to spell out details and set up your opportunity.

You should feel great while riding and after you step down...no matter how long you’ve been in the saddle.

We´ve helped thousands of Horse lovers all over the planet, who ride all sorts of breeds:

  • Broad-shouldered/broad backed horses (whether they be Icelandics, Quarter Horses, Percherons, Cobbs, Haflingers, Shires….)
  • Short-backed Horses of all sorts
  • Gaited horses who need all sorts of extra shoulder-swinging room
  • Arabians (and even Fresians) who have “hour glass torsos” with narrow shoulders and broad backs
  • “Hard-to-Fit” horses of all sorts: those with deteriorated physiques, assymetrical issues or just plain “not yet successfully fit with a saddle”…for whatever reason.

Riding is YOUR choice Your Horse deserves the opportunity to carry you in equipment that feels good.

Making that happen is the only way for you to be sure you’re enhancing your relationship with your Horse rather than detracting from it.



The tools we’ve developed will enable you to have more fun together.

HERE’S HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TEST RIDE:Your decision to invest a little time investigating how to be confident you’ll both get the most out of the saddle we’ll send you means that your horse is lucky to have you.

Check out our FREE SADDLE FIT EVALUATION so our team can set you up for success. Participating in this process will pay off and your horse will thank you by letting you know it was worth itSimply fill in the asked information, take the pictures and measurements described and send back to saddles@naturalhorsemansddles.com. Our team will get back with full evaluation results within 3 - 5 business days.

Yours, Natural Horseman Saddles Team,

Exclusive providers of Parelli Saddles since 2001

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