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Test Ride a Parelli SMARTFLX™ Saddle
Test Ride a Parelli SMARTFLXâ„¢ Saddle

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Padded Leather Girth (English/Cruiser Only)
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Smart Girth (English/Cruiser Only)
Mohair Cinch (Western Only)
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By checking the box above, I agree to return the above described saddle to Natural Horseman Saddles (d/b/a Parelli Saddles) within the agreed time frame (max. 7 Weekdays) in the same condition which I received it. Any damage incurred to saddle while under my care should be addressed upon return. Any due compensation for damage incurred will be paid for at the time of return. I, the customer, agree to take care of round trip shipping costs which will include insurance for the value of the saddle. I understand that the saddle is provided without charges for max. one week (five business days). I understand that additional costs in the amount of $35.00 occur in case the saddle is not returned to Natural Horseman Saddles within seven days.

We ask you to treat your test saddle with care and to return cleaned.


We want you to make the right decision for you and your horse!

Investing into a new saddle is always an important decision. Your saddle needs to fit you and your horse, not only when you make your final decision, but also later, in case you or your horse change in growth or muscle development. We encourage you to try out the saddle of your choice before you buy it. Select a saddle out of our TEST-A-SADDLE program and take a test ride on your horse. All our saddles work best with our unique custom fit pad- and shim system. We look forward to hearing your personal assessment of the comfort and performance results from your rider perspective as well as that of your horse!

This is how the Test-A-Saddle Program works:

You, the customer, have the chance to experience the feel and fit of the saddle for both you and your horse for an entire week and will only pay for shipping roundtrip of the saddle which will include insurance for the value of the saddle. We´ll ship the saddle to you for a round trip shipping/handling fee of $150.00 (within continental US). In case you wish to keep and test the saddle longer, additional costs of €30.00 occur per additional day. On top, you have the option to lease a saddle for longer periods of time, e.g. if you would like to attend a special clinic where you need a saddle different of your primary discipline.

We´ll assist you with your personal DIGITAL SADDLE FIT EVALUATION to determine which models fits your needs and discipline best.
The DIGITAL SADDLE FIT EVALUATION will also give you guidance on shim patterns and saddle fit.

Yours, Natural Horseman Saddles Team,

Exclusive providers of Parelli Saddles since 2001

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