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your horse’s back in motion is what truly makes a good saddle. MANAGEMENT OF THE INTERFACE – which is the space between your horse’s body and the underside of the saddle -- is the next important factor for successful saddle fit when you want to give your horse the opportunity to enjoy the journey with you. It is very simple, once you understand some basic principles. With SmartSaddlePads.com saddle pads and tapered foam shims you are best equipped to custom tailor the INTERFACE of your horse to adapt to individual age, top line shape and state of training.



The very special SMARTFLX™ tree shape provides room needed for the horse’s back to come up in performance of any athletic maneuvers, especially ones requiring significant engagement or “collection”. Also sculpted into the SMARTFLX™ shape are the ergonomic considerations built in for the rider which enable feeling close to the horse´s body and it´s movement while securely balanced and unstressed in hip, knee and ankle joints.
SMARTFLX™ western trees contain “bars” and a “groundseat” that are a one-piece molded shape based on years of research and development incorporating thousands of horses worldwide. This molded piece is formed utilizing a particular, extraordinary elastomer compound material: solid enough to support the rider and protect the horse's back yet flexible enough to allow the horse to move as nature intended while the human feels connected in harmony. It is an amazingly thin, close-contact structure enabling you to be connected with your horse and actually feel the undulating movement beneath you. Our wooden forks and cantles provide the base stability to hold the bars at the attitude and angle that our research proved was optimal. SMARTFLX™ WESTERN trees combine the best features of a superior Western saddle (including optimum weight distribution) with the best features of a good English saddle (horse can collect, round its back and muscles, flex laterally and longitudinally with dynamic ease). Rider AND horse comfort for long hours is unparalleled. SMARTFLX™ trees are sculpted to welcome the expanded “moving” horse body and come in two different GULLET WIDTHS:


The “STANDARD” tree is the narrowest gullet width we build, with subtle changes in attitude and angle along the bars that hug the moving horse without impeding in any way. Our open center channel does not impact the spine, of course and our broad, flatter-than-normal shape along the back invites optimum vertical and lateral flexion. Our "Standard" angles are approximately 10 degrees wider than "full quarter horse bars" and they are broader/flatter with less "rock". Observation of horses moving under saddle has consistently yielded evidence that bars narrower than ours, especially with "rock" shape get in the way of natural movement: they restrict the horses' shoulders and back, force high-headed/low back carriage and result in a myriad of other problems that are consequences of inefficient biomechanics.


The "SUPERWIDE" angles are approximately 10 degrees wider than the "STANDARD" and the bars are broader/flatter still. Broad backed horses (Warmbloods, wide Quarter Horses, Icelandics, wide-ribbed Arabians, Cobs, Drafts, Draft Crosses…and even wide-backed Mules) really travel beautifully/happily under our SW foundations. It should be noted that "wider" is not a simple matter of setting the bars further apart. There are many subtle changes of attitude/angles sculpted into our bar shape from front to back and left to right.

SMARTFLX™ saddle trees are easily customized to breed and training development through use of the SmartSaddlePad Collection´s unique pad and shim system, designed for dynamic custom fit. The welcoming “hug” of our saddles combined with your ability to MANAGE THE INTERFACE will provide for a physically and mentally un-restricted equine athlete capable of enjoying full physical potential under saddle.
Natural Horseman Saddles IN STOCK SPECIALS

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Classic Natural Rider *Junior Kids Saddle*
Savvy Club Price US $2,550.00
Classic "Natural Rider"
Savvy Club Price US $2,550.00
Custom "Natural Performer"
Savvy Club Price US $3,650.00

The CLASSIC NATURAL RIDER JUNIOR is a smaller-seat size version of its famous big brother, the CLASSIC NATURAL RIDER. It features a deeper seat pocket but otherwise is patterned after the NATURAL PERFORMER. It’s a great choice for younger and/or smaller riders even if
they are striving to reach high levels in the Parelli Program.

features a deeper seat pocket but otherwise is patterned after the NATURAL PERFORMER. It’s a great choice for all striving to reach high levels in the Parelli Program without investing as much as the NATURAL PERFORMER options require.

The NATURAL PERFORMER is the most versatile saddle tool for reaching high levels in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program. It is a revolutionary performance saddle for a wide range of athletic maneuvers. It combines the best features of a western saddle - optimum weight distribution and rider safety & comfort - with the best features of an englis
h saddle, such as promoting/allowing collection and fluid lateral movement.
Linda Parelli Pro Dressage
Fluidity General Purpose (GP)
Savvy Club Price: US $3,750.00
Pat's Ranch Roper
Savvy Club Price US $4,950.00
Linda's PRO Dressage (Mono Flap)
Savvy Club Price US $5,400.00

is Linda´s original favorite saddle constructed with the horse´s opinion as paramount! Excellent choice when you want to ride “english” and “do it all”.

Pat Parelli´s RANCH ROPER is a tough cowboy working saddle styled as a
traditional low-profile “Wade”. After falling in love with the features and the “feel” of the first revolutionary, highly athletic, versatile performance saddle NATURAL PERFORMER, Pat asked us to create a heavier-duty Ranch working saddle that would look traditional but take care of the horse better than conventional saddles of the past.

is an extraordinary mono-flap saddle for performance of the highest level maneuvers. Custom handcrafted by Master Saddlers in England of supreme grade calf leather, its revolutionary construction utilizes our equine-approved SMARTFLX™ technology providing broad room to accommodate the horse´s expanding muscles in motion all along the back.